• Communicating about Conflict in Intimate Relationships

    Communicating about Conflict in Intimate Relationships

    A famous family therapist, Carl Whitaker, has said, “Conflict is the pathway to intimacy.” What on Earth did he mean by that?? Doesn’t conflict feel uncomfortable, and tense, and like an argument? Isn’t each side is trying to win, and avoid losing? How could that lead to intimacy? Whitaker understood several things about conflict. First, […]

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  • A Few Thoughts to Ponder

    A Few Thoughts to Ponder

    How we view money is often indicative of how we choose to manage the rest of our lives. Recent research addresses why in a culture of such material wealth, Amer-icans tend not to be happy with what they have. They came up with the following ideas: Once we achieve a given economic level, instead of […]

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  • Depression 101

    Depression 101

    It is normal for our moods to vary up and down, and even for us to have brief periods of depression, especially around times of loss, change, or transition. However, our mood should recover within a reasonable amount of time, especially if our circumstances improve. (Grieving for a loved one which has died can require […]

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AD/HD Medications And Summer: To Take or Not To Take

It is that time of year again: The grass is green, the birds are singing, and the school bells will not ring for another couple of months. Since the demand for sustained attention and concentration often are less in the summer, some parents of children with AD/HD question whether or not their children need to […]

AD/HD 101: Across The Lifespan

A wise thought to consider as we begin to think about the evaluation of AD/HD: Everything that looks like AD/HD is not AD/HD. (In fact, much of it is not!) The symptoms of inattentiveness, impulsivity, and restlessness are all quite common and universal. For example, most people tend to experience one or more of them “on a […]

Personal Change that Works: Forget “Resolutions”

Despite their historical popularity, personal “resolutions” (such as those made around New Year’s Day) usually don’t work, and tend to set us up for failure. Specifically, let’s examine a typical New Year’s Resolution: Let’s say I have the thought, then to hold myself accountable, I tell a friend that “losing 15 pounds”   is my New Year’s […]